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Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room

Branding is how people view and perceive your company. It’s also how you as the owner, and your workforce view and perceive the company.

It’s your what, your how, and your why. How you present your work is just as important as the work itself.

Let's make your brand the talk of the town - in a great way!

Define your audience

One of the keys to success is understanding and your audiences needs. Once you can empathise with your audience I can then design a brand image dedicated to suit them - to interact with your brand.

Let's uncover some hidden ideas 

This means you can involve and express any of your ideas, however unusual, fun, strategic, planned, crazy, personal, big or humble. The best creations come to light when I sum up and listen to YOUR IDEAS & GOALS for your brand and business.


Create your brand 

I have worked with hundreds of small businesses to huge corporations - retail shops, boutiques, independent shops, chains and larger outlets for over two decades. In a great variety of businesses. I can help with the staggering way from first idea, creation of a brand - or a redesign of an existing brand, design input, production process, timelines - to retail & wholesale advice.


Just get in touch for a free initial consultation. Together we can create your vision!

Together we can

create your vision!


Want to find clarity & direction for your brand?


Create a strong foundation for your business.

Just like how you wouldn’t start building a house without a strong foundation,

you wouldn’t start building a brand or a product without a solid purpose and personality. 


About me:

I’m a brand and creative designer & photographer with passion for my work. My energy and experience help to develop creative ideas 
which translate into solutions and help my clients to develop and grow their businesses. 
With over two decade’s experience in design, brand management, development and marketing I have achieved an excellent track 
record in delivering original, innovative, brand projects - highly artistic and passionate creative - on budget and on time!


United Nations, EMI Music, Universal Music, Warner Music, Penfolds Wine, Smirnoff Vodka, J&B, OMX Stockholm, Playboy, Isabella Oliver,

V&S Vin & Sprit, Project Runway, Vanessa Knox, Branting, Golddigger, OSO Arts Centre, South West Spices, Mrs.SW13, I Love Design... 

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